What is Math Excel?

Math Excel is a special program for students enrolled in Calculus I (Math 113) and Calculus II (Math 114) designed to give capable students the best chance to excel in Calculus. Math Excel students work together in intensive problem-solving workshops with one workshop leader and two undergraduate assistants for each section of about 20 students. The Math Excel program is offered for Math 113, Calculus I, in the fall of each academic year, and for Math 114, Calculus II, in the spring of each academic year. We also offer Math Excel for Math 113 in the spring of each academic year.

Why Join Math Excel?

Math Excel students make new friends, get more personal attention, get more practice solving problems, and earn better grades–average grades for Math Excel students range from one-half to one letter grade higher than the overall average. Math Excel students learn valuable problem-solving and study skills in our unique group learning environment. Our students go on to succeed in science, engineering, and mathematics majors.

What do Math Excel Students Do?

Math Excel students attend three hours of lectures per week, like other Calculus students, and take the same exams. The difference is that Math Excel students also get six hours per week of problem solving workshops designed to hone Calculus skills and promote success. Math Excel students in the Spring Term 113 section meet once a week for a 90-minute problem solving workshop.

Who is Math Excel For?

Math Excel is open to any student who meets the admissions requirements for Math 113, Calculus I or Math 114, Calculus II. Math Excel is not a remedial program, and it is not an honors program. All students who are willing to work hard, make the extra time commitment to join our problem-solving workshops, and succeed in Calculus are welcome!

How Can I Enroll?

Entering Students who want to enroll for the following fall can apply during Merit Weekend or at the Summer Advising Conference prior to the fall term. If you are already on campus, you should contact the director of the Math Excel program by phone or e-mail to get permission to enroll in Math Excel during your normal registration window.

Students who wish to apply for Math Excel for Math 113 in the spring do not need prior permission to enroll. Simply enroll in any section of Math 113 and also enroll in MA 193-017. You may only enroll in one section of MA 193, so be sure not to enroll in another section of MA 193.