Math Excel: Personal Attention

math-house-mainFor many students, the transition from high school to college is difficult because students are put into large classes for the first time, and they’re expected to do much of the learning and study needed to master the courses on their own. The Math Excel program meets these challenges by giving Calculus students extra personal attention and equipping them with the study skills they need to succeed in college.

Math Excel workshops are held in small groups and staffed by a workshop leader and one or more undergraduate assistants. Our workshop leaders are chosen from among our very best graduate students: they’re excited about Math Excel because they are committed teachers and value the experience as a milestone in their own professional development. Our undergraduate assistants are graduates of Math Excel: they understand the difficulties that first-year students have with calculus, and are well-equipped to help their fellow-students overcome them.

Math Excel’s unique problem-solving workshops are based on a simple, time-tested observation: students who succeed in College do so because they learn to work in groups and teach each other. In our workshops, students learn to work together, to teach each other, and to solve hard problems. Our students learn Calculus skills and study skills, make good grades and new friends, and carry those skills and friendships with them throughout their college years.

Best of all, Math Excel doesn’t cost parents more money. Students carrying a regular course load who opt for Math Excel pay the same tuition as any other student but get greater personal attention and lay the groundwork for success in their college life and beyond. I strongly recommend this program to all students, and hope to see it grow and serve more students in years to come!